Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge

With the 2011 individual tax season brought to a close at midnight April 17 I finally have a chance to relax and focus on some creative projects before gearing up in July for the 2012 tax season! Tax is a year round process with peaks of intense work during fall and winter. The guest for the April session of the Free Motion Quilting Challenge is Don Linn and it focuses on a technique for copying quilting designs on fabric using tulle. He has published a book, Sophisticated Stitches, containing 66 designs. The designs aren't where I want my free motion quilting to go at the present time but it was worth every penny for his practice suggestions. Many designs require precise backtracking over the preceding line. He says anyone can learn to do that in about an hour of practice and gives some tips on how to accomplish this. My first practice piece shows a lot of wobbles but as I practiced I became much more comfortable and experimented with speed and direction.
Following this practice I went ahead and used Don Linn's technique for copying a design on tulle. I used a dark tulle and copied the design with the suggested silver Sharpie. Since I like the Clover white marking pen that erases with heat or water I decided to see if it would mark through the tulle. It did! This is a marvelous technique and I plan to use it whenever I need to transfer a design. My practice design, taken from Sophisticated Stitches, isn't perfect but I can see definite improvement.
In addition to the Free Motion Quilting Challenge I am also taking FMQ classes at I highly recommend their classes and will be blogging about some of my projects as time goes on. Happy quilting!


Tammy said...

Great job on the practice straight lines and the flower design for the challenge. I find traveling back over straight lines very difficult. Your fabric and thread choices make it easy to see your fmq. Bravo..well done.

ANudge said...

Your are doing great. Your traveling practice piece looks perfect. I like the design you picked.